Reflections on “Screwtape Letters” 1

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I’m reading through C. S. Lewis‘ “Screwtape Letters.” This will be a series of reflections following the chronology of the letters found in the book.

“Remember, he is not like you, a pure spirit. Never having been a human (oh that obnomible advantage of the Enemy’s!) you don’t realize how enslaved they are to the pressures of the ordinary.” p.20

At times, we get absorbed with our eyes stuck only in the things we can see. The ordinary, in this sense does not mean that life is just mundane, although that is the true in some cases. Our visions of life, sometimes gets stuck when our focus is entirely on what we can conceive and touch. This sometimes numbs our senses to the spiritual, a life that is sometimes hidden.

With that prayers can be taken up in a rather cynical stance. Because our sight are too caught up in the ordinary, prayers sometimes become useless. We pray but we know we can do something about it, and with that the sense of mystery of another dimension of life seems utterly useless. Everything that is real are the things that we can see and make good reason about.

To be stuck in this hub, stunts our vision of God. I guess, that is why Lewis once stated that pain is God’s megaphone to awaken our slumber to the spiritual; to him.

Have you struggled with this? Getting too caught up in the ordinary, being caught up with work, partying, enjoyment, social activities, your personal life and friends that you’ve found yourself unable to find appreciation in the mystery of God or for that matter a life that is other than the ordinary?

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