Art and it’s Enemy

in me is something churning
something in my mind’s inception
and with imagination i create
on the canvas of thoughts
translated through my hands
something we call art

some are from memories
some from the sea of sorrow
some made up stories
some are inspirations from people, these I borrow
translated through my hands
something we call art

there was a time when notebooks
held my thoughts translated
safe in the closet
just works of art
with only myself as the audience
they were safe from the crowd of people
sitting pretty
my beautiful babies

but i fight an enemy that consumes me
prodding and poking
shouting “produce something, something people will like”
“Just anything,” one that would bring fame

sometimes my mind wanders
should i obey?
sacrifice creativity
for a few more clicks
some uplifting comment
that soothes my emotions
because it feels good
to gain acceptance.

We struggle too much with the notion of gaining a following, to be read widely and to gain some recognition. I love writing, but sometimes I swing to the side of wanting to create something to just gain a following. I know, I’m not famous. But we all struggle producing and creating stuff out of the crutch to please and in turn benefit ourselves. But whatever it is, art or anything that drives our passions, let us not be succumbed with the notion of being slayed just by gaining praise. Anyway, ideas for this post came about from reading this post here.

5 thoughts on “Art and it’s Enemy

  1. Very thought provoking poem and post. I feel that the deception, if you will, is within one’s motivation for having their art recognized. Every artist wants some recognition, or to know that what they do can be held beloved or be related to in some way. But is the artist selling out – producing only what mass quantities will accept in order to gain praise, notoriety, or fortune? Or does the artist hone their skill in hopes that many will revere their art and in turn feel pride for producing something valued or from making a living from it? Seems to me, the latter artist would still feel they had something of value even if it were not highly recognized. The former artist would abandon their craft and manipulate themselves to please the highest numbers. Two of the same acts, perhaps, but different motivations.

  2. Now that’s something. Two types of art, but both having different roots that birth them. Yes yes yes, I think every artist struggles with this. As soon as one has had the taste of recognition, one’s art will be tested. Something good to think about and probably write. Thanks Fountains.

    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for pondering and writing about this topic. I very much like what you say about one’s art being tested after recognition. Think we’re on to something!

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