in what way then are you for me?

is it just words?
and lists and lists of promises?
written in collection
printed in this sacred book?
where stated, it says he cares
for my dear life
one that has be ravaged by besetting doubts
as dark walls of cynicism provide
this head to fall.
in what way then are you for me?
when i feel you are distant?

i am frail
and what’s believed when you first encountered
someone visionless to sail
planted hope when everything looked pale
i still remember when soaked in you
my doubts have been construed
but as time passed
and darkened days
they cloud my path
I stop to ask
in what way then are you for me?
when i feel you are distant?

my bed is soaked with bitterness
and these flood of tears
and budding in me
they have built up in years
and in my waiting when the sky
is embraced by night
sometimes waiting for the sun to come
my soul puts up a fight
And i ask again
in what way then are you for me?
when i feel you are distant?

is this punishment
for sins that is before you
putrid from welling wounds
they reek out of decomposition
my voice is tired from shouting
as these prayers lament in writings
i have the nerve to ask again
in what way then are you for me?
when i feel you are distant?

if your words were just mere words
and your promises were just scrolls
put up in books
then there would be no foundation
for love to hold and look
if you are for me
in what way is this so
your body broken
in place for me
in history distant
maybe this is what i should believe

The poem above is my best at trying to paint a picture of someone in need of the encouragement of Christ being “for us.” Although the person is in the thrones of doubt, still, the person wills again to still believe this. I know, I did not really expound much of what it means that Christ is for us in the poem, but if one is in the realms of struggling, if there is any thought of hope in the person, sometimes it is a dim light. Sometimes I think hope is like that. Hope that had been built through time, though at points it is choked by many things we face, it is there, be it in a still and soft voice.

Here is the source of inspiration of the poem I wrote above,

“Everything we have said thus far may be summed up in the phrase: Christ is “for us”, not only in his word and his attitude toward us, but in his bodily life. Christ stands bodily before God in the place that should be ours. He has stepped into our place. He suffers and dies for us, and is able to do so because he bears our flesh (2 Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:13; 1:4; Titus 2:14; 1 Thes. 5:10, etc). The body of Jesus Christ is “for us” in the strictest sense of the world–on the cross, in the word, in baptism, and in the Lord’s Supper. All bodily community with Jesus Christ rests on this fact (217).”

H/T: Euangelion

2 thoughts on “in what way then are you for me?

  1. The passage that came to my mind was from Romans…if God is for us who can be against us? I bit different angle from yours but still the affirmation he is for us. I thought your poem lovely and moving. Thank you.

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