we have lost our will to live

This is just my reflection from watching the video above.

In this world where decay is immanent, we guard our affections to shallowness. Mortality and love for the fragile is thrown out as we seek attention dipping not even half our bodies in acts of commitment. For we are cynics with our own interpretation of all things important. And we forget that beauty lasts only in living things. Not man made creations. Though machines and gadgets, short flings and vanity kisses, wont swell us or hurt us, they are but short and shallow. Never wells that pour out lasting life to curb our thirst.

We love shallowness and things that don’t last, put our affection on just our own terms. We have lost what it means to be human. Though flesh in walking, and a soul where depths can plummet deep, we play ourselves into destruction, when we make humans, our dreams and aspirations, more like machines.

I learn from poets, who blog their stuff. One made a sage like comment that speaks true. She said;

“contentment is easy come, easy go and is easily forgotten, but pain is rooted deeply. And deep is where the soul resides.”

2 thoughts on “we have lost our will to live

  1. You’re going to give me a big head. 😉 I like the way you see and then contemplate the world. A very philosophical mind, yours. “We guard our affections to shallowness” – no truer words ever spoken and I have been living this sentence for weeks. Ashamingly, it’s so much easier to be a machine.

  2. Good art and quotes need to be shared, so hope your head doesn’t get too big ok hehe. I guess a contemplative mind is the product of pain, surely not contentment. And yes, we all just wish we were machines. We try to be but we just aren’t.

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