Failed Attempt at Stories

today i’ll try a different trade
to tell you a story instead
i’ve been thinking of one at the top of my head
see if it comes out as viable pictures
that you’re able to read
then good
i’ll be happy for planting this seed

give me a moment i have to think now
i’m thinking of characters…errr maybe a cow?
no that won’t do
because i don’t know anything about the hows and what not of cows
go figure
oh well, i’ll scrap that idea and think of another
something will come if i just think harder

my mind is all filled with the same old of ideas
they are not stories
no fantasy filled with fairies
no fun filled thoughts of adventures
this is just sickening
now i’m just sitting here lingering
thinking of stories
what stories

i read other people and they have good stories
and here i am sitting with just old memories
what gives!
i’m thinking about slamming my fist
on this desk
it would be better if it was also my head
oh how i wish that they flowed like a river
like winning from a slot machine
those coins sparkling silver

i guess this new trade
is not my thing
so ill quit this tirade
cause sounds like ranting
i’m probably faking
when i say i’m no good
because i can tell good stories
but those that i try to parade
are my honest thought out intentions
i have no talent when it comes
to anything fiction
i probably wish i had it in me
but i guess we all
have our own special trade
yours might be stories
well, mine’s something different.

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