Losing the Ability to Desire

The most precious thing in the universe, is the desire of the people you desire. That’s why when you lose your beloved, a relationship breaks up, you don’t just lose one thing that you desire, one person that you desire…you lose the very ability to desire. The whole world becomes drained of purpose. You no longer desire your job. You no longer like the programs you used to like. Everything is drained of meaning. Because we get our purpose and significance through the gaze of another.

This quote by Peter Rollins. He’s a philosopher. I’m not sure if you can call him Christian but some would call his view heretical. Ah well, sometimes theology somehow divides and defines what we believe in. I guess you could place him on the progressive stream of Christianity.

The quote above resonates with me, so that’s why it’s posted. Losses are experiences that speaks to us in different ways. Sometimes they become projections where we are at our most creative. But sometimes I think pressing on without reflection simply masks our very need. We might try to curb the feeling with keeping our minds busy, to heap up work and activities, to somehow muffle emotional bruises. But alas we fall back to the same state of knowing our empty void. Sometimes I wonder, in the state of the present, will the ability to desire ever return to normal?

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