On the Train with a Book and a Conversation


I rode the train today
And in that instance you’ll know
I don’t make a lot of money
But enough for one to sow
I took out my book
On the cover spelt something something “God”
On the subject of theology
And heretical orthodoxy
I hear some people say
Ah, whatever
As long as it’s something to read
On the journey to my destination
I have my mind to feed
I know it’s nothing to rid me of anguish
So I’ll fill my mind with good musings
And not magazine rubbish
So I sat and I read
And minded my own business
Until someone asked me what’s on the cover
So I showed him
“how (not) to speak about God” by Peter Rollins
He asked “are you a Christian?”
I answered “yes” with some hesitation
“I’m sorry,” I whispered a prayer
For my cowardly reservation
Of course this was not my intention
For my cowardly faith allegiance
Cause this is Malaysia
I want to respect other religions
So I listened to that guy
He went on rambling
Talking about a place
Where miracles and healing took precedence
I think there was a Muslim
Sitting in between
Hearing this man talking
About other who shared his faith
Turning from Islam to Christian
Here in Malaysia it something forbidden
It’s a law they put up with historical leanings
This guy drew me a map Of where they worshiped
On my book by Peter Rollins
He scribbled with a pencil
And soon I arrived at my destination
And with me I had a conversation
Reading about God
In a train with my pain
Still needing some form of healing.


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