Rant on Public Speakers

Sometimes I’m frustrated when listening to speakers.

They babel millions of information and shove them hoping you are able to trace their thoughts spoken. But if there is no coherent structure, what is spoken becomes like smoke to the wind. Everything evaporates as the wind starts blowing until no trace of the smoke is left to be seen.

I don’t doubt that the information given have be gathered diligently. But how a public speaker strands them with what he is trying to convey must go hand in hand. Good information alone does not make what is spoken authoritative and interesting. It is when information has in them good structure, that’s when I think what is spoken up front will be understood.

So, speakers, don’t barrage those listening with just information. Please form them into a good constructed structure.

And while I’m ranting about this, I speak to myself as well. For I too speak in public.

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