little flame unfinished

A flame
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little flame
oh gentle when you are still small
still mellow
i will help to keep you hedged
with my hands
keep the wind from blowing
keep them from stealing
your gentle yellow glow
this little flame i hold
And when the darkness tries to embrace
you will shine no night so strong erase
though you are small you will hold on
you keep on shining till break of dawn
little flame your light is simple
blooming unafraid
but will you shine when the rain ripples
no hand to give you shade

My mind is too tired to write for now. This poem, to me is unfinished. I’m stuck in thinking arguments, critiques and technical stuff. It will be like that till Friday. So, “little flame” your birth  pre-matured, I’m sorry. I hope you bloom someday into a story.

2 thoughts on “little flame unfinished

  1. Thanks. Too much reading at the moment and by the time I’m home, I’m too tired to think. I’ll get this done as soon as the book I’m reading is finished.

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