Wish for them to fade

Wish for them to fade
Pictures that speak of warm embrace
Memories that instilled a hope to face
Though gathering them
Bleed from broken charred smashed up glass
Feeling wounds reek from a flowing flask
Gather but only a small tear drop
What’s kept is only silent whispered screams
No more fountains that flow sweet flowing streams.
Wish for them to go away
They haunt one in the bright of day
Lost minds for maddening voices that reverberate
Eluding hearts laid waste
Bitter cries this body lies
Scorching in the noonday sun
Bathed and soaked in salted taste
Of goodbye’s fleeting haste
Look into a mirror that reflects
Nothing but a lifeless face project
Radiance smiles are seen in vain
For Bitter is the one in pain
In wishing them to fade.

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