sometimes when i cannot see i still can feel safe

Short Story Slam Week 6-Children’s Literature

starry skies in the night
a little dog
it went strolling from it’s pack.

to seek adventure from boundary fence
for everything there
was only black and white.

but walking now for miles it went
it’s vision now impaired
for darkness was what’s all around
fear made it feel despair

this little dog cried out for help
“I’m lost” it said “and now I’m scared.”
For who knows what lurks in the night
terror filled it’s stare.

And in the distant, little dog stood frightened
hearing loud thumping on far south
“Is this now my fate, lost and alone, in the distant,
what in this darkness see?” it thought
“will this be my last tear drop before I say goodbye?”
it cried.

The giant thumping now was heard
and nearer, nearer still
little dog stood with numbness
with soft sobs of tears

But soon it felt from the loud thumps
this time it was silent
it soon felt a rough touch brushing
on it’s white snow fur

It didn’t hurt the frightened dog
but kept petting to keep it warm
to just be there
and be protection
for this little dog
to know

and now little dog
it’s tears have now run dry
and it’s eyes rested
in stillness night
for it is now
not alone.

16 thoughts on “sometimes when i cannot see i still can feel safe

  1. This is a cute poem . The message is clear ~ we are never alone , even if it may seem so ! There is always somebody looking out for us !

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