it means the world that you showed
it means the flood had resided
and no more cold and moist surroundings
it means much more than you know


oh oh oh 
i can see the sun coming up again
oh oh oh 
your colors paints away the pain 

as devastation leaves its mark
a pale reminder of the dark
we make our way across the fields
rebuilding more that what we feel

and when its over, now begins
another chapter we live in
across the canvas of the sky
you reminds us we’d get on by

(Wrote this last year in January. It was supposed to be just a poem but a cousin suggested the “oh oh oh” part which I added to what is now the chorus. Just thought of posting for your reading pleasure.)

Update: Here’s the link to my other blog on which I recorded how this poem or lyrics sound being sung to a melody. I hope you’ll be able to listen to it. 

5 thoughts on “Rainbow

    1. Thanks fountains. And I did a recording of it. It’s on my other blog. I’ll probably do a better one since I got the garage band on my iPad so ill do that when I have time.

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