A fellow traveller

If you come here to read inspiration
Or something to reignite your passion
To clamor yourself with information
A feel good place for dance and play
I apologize because this is not the place
A fragmented broken soul can’t help you lift your gaze
He can’t blow away the haze
But what I offer is just a normal disposition
Of a traveler in this world
Normal and at much of times afraid
Happy and much of times in despair
I’m just another frail soul
Like you and everybody else.
I offer no profound philosophical wisdom
Not structures to offer you freedom
My thoughts are like yours
I walk on the same soil we call ours.
If you’ve gained something
Of worth
I’ll sing
I’m happy to be
A normal traveller
Walk towards a path that offers
Though in this world we all suffer
Let’s walk together
Sojourning to some better pasture.


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