A whole new way

Inner needs become digital,
a whole new way to hurt,
pain before was a knife to the heart,
now just texts and words.

Befriending people with a click of a mouse,
if they look ugly I’d have to consider,
going out by staying in playing house,
A whole new way to be friendlier.

Expressionless laughs
And smileys, sad faces
These project our deep welled feelings
Words that convey everything you just name it
A whole new way projecting our heart.

Conveying things that hurt us
We paste them on a wall
From whatever to a recent burst
A whole new way to curse

At one point being single
And then we were no more
At another point being married and singing jingles
But later on divorced
A whole new way to tell I’m available.

I read a line somewhere about the problems Facebook creates. So I tried to convey it above. I’m not so happy at how I projected it. Probably something I’ll rewrite later but the them of the whole poem is “a whole new way.”

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