poems in the key of A…4

i dont know how to put this
i wish words were good to me
and flowed everytime i used them
to make people happy and good
and having worth
i have a bad mouth and
for that words can be my enemy as well
i regret the things i said because
its you and you are special to me
and the best thing that happened to me
the special someone that i can share
whatever i got

I feel like a piece of shit
and it does feel that way because maybe I am
and you see right through me
maybe im less of who you thought
i was just a lousy vision of what you hope for
im sorry to make things like a mist
and make you regret the choice of giving me a chance
i feel bad and it’s the feeling of a real jerk
i feel like one
call me what you want
i deserve every bad name now
i wish i never said those words

hours seem like weeks now…i cant suppose 2 days not calling
will do me any help…
ill be very depressed because i just feel aimless
and nothing make me so happy then to talk to you
and hear you say you miss me
and want me to be with you
i wish i could shut my stupid f++++++ mouth now
see i cant control my words at the moment
i can write you a longer one again now
but i dont know if it would make any difference
i have no words but

040510-pleadings after some foolish things i said 🙂

poems in the key of A…1,2,3

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