Sam and His Prayer (a short story)

Once upon a time, there was a man who had great dreams. His name was Sam. He wanted to change the world. Be some form of change agent if you will. He was constantly looking for opportunities to give aid and help to those who are hurting. If there were conversations that he had with people, he would often speak with a tone that spoke motivation. He always gave a positive outlook on things. And like all motivational people we know, Sam was full of energy.

One day in his room, Sam knelt down and prayed. Like he often did. But this time was different. Something changed, or it was like God answered his prayers. Yes, some prayers don’t get answered, but sometimes there are those that get answered. Don’t ask me, I’m just trying to tell you a story.

In his prayer, this is what Sam uttered,

“Dear God, I look at the world and see all this hurt. God, please give me the strength to be an agent of motivation for the hurting. Like a superhero, you know. With some kind of super power. A power to be a motivation for the hurting. To aid them and give them motivation to live. Dear God, if you’re listening, hear my prayer. AMEN.”

That was all he said and he went to bed. No, he didn’t have those prayers that lasted hours and hours. Just something uttered in less than a minute. You should try it sometimes.

Now the next morning, when Sam woke up. He got a phone call. His parents who we traveling on their way to visit him were involved in an accident. Both died on the spot. Sam was grieved. Tears flowed like a rushing river from his eyes. To lose those whom you love is always hard. It cut through his heart, piercing him like a sharp blade.

While still suffering the shock of his parents tragic death, he noticed that his apartment was in some ways empty. A theft had occurred.  Now almost everything was gone. Sam was feeling numb at trying to comprehend all that was happening to him. It was all too much to take at that time. And soon after Sam went into depression.

A month has passed and Sam wasn’t looking very good. All you could say was that he was in a mess. His never shaved from the day all hell broke loose, his hair was in a mess, his apartment in disarray, he rarely ate anything. Sam was down right depressed. He would sit for hours just staring in the darkened room. He would look at the sunset as it feel like the sadness of goodbyes.

At one point, he was venting his frustration at God. He remembered the prayer he said and this was not the thing he asked for. He was shouting hysterically and tears were falling from his eyes, mucus and saliva dripping down for he was in a rage. For this was a mortal man speaking at the injustice that had now befallen him.

But after there were no more anger to be vented, and all his shouting subsided, a still small voice spoke out. God said

“Didn’t you ask about how you wanted to motivate the hurting and those in pain? For how can you motivate those if you have none of what they are feeling and suffering?”

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