writing off

many would put their trust,
in those who mark a certain resemblance,
and qualities that displays excellence.
for this is the picture,
we paint as successful,
meaning that we’ve all
buried in gold.
since this is what people generally hold,
our definitions have been stamped,
i’m told,
for there is only one look,
that many would find,
a refuge enthralled,
in this person
they believe non would fall.
but what if there were others
who looked different?
those who had none of these qualities,
their demeanor lacks
popular entries?
do we just write them off as losers?
Hopeless fools,
with ugly crooked smiles,
an awful toothless grin,
now where should we even begin?
Do we write them off?
And just say
“we know what’s good,
and obviously you’re not!”

Too much absorbing the theme of madness and leadership plus having just watched X-men: First Class made me think about how sometimes we tend to have certain fixed perceptions on what’s acceptable and not. The poem ends abruptly, something like just asking people to think. So, do we write people off just because they are different or do not fit the status quo?


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