What does a Frog have to do with Headhunting?

Relief (hypsometric) map of Borneo. Red lines ...
Image via Wikipedia

I have a friend on Facebook, who is a Monster when it comes to posting out links. He posts tons a day. But I’m not complaining because most of them are helpful. I’m sort of illiterate when it comes to technology but I try to “catch” up the best I can.

Anyway, my friend posted a link, where someone posted out the one of the many origins of how headhunting became a normative practice among the people of Sarawak in Borneo. Borneo is the third largest island in the world. I’m someone who comes from a small tribe from Borneo known as the Kelabits. You can gain some information about my tribal people by reading about us on Wikipedia. But, in the modern age, people in Borneo are not practicing the art of headhunting now. We’ve turned into peaceful people. So you don’t have to be afraid if you do meet anyone from Borneo, rest assured that we won’t be cutting off your heads.

Well according to the article, the practice of headhunting started from a tribe called the Chebup people. But there is no way of knowing if this is true since other tribal groups claim that the practice originated from them. I guess this particular one was interesting to note. This is because, according to legend, it came from a frog’s advise. I won’t mention more here because you can read the story here.


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