Me and a Pretty Lady

Me: excuse me, but can I have your number.

(Pretty Lady looks irritated.)

Lady: excuse me but do I know you?

Me: Sorry. No, you don’t know me but, I was just saying, can I have your number.

(Pretty Lady is amused at my persistence. I can see her face turning red…no, no, green like hulk.)

Lady: I don’t mind to be rude but, I don’t know you and I’m sure as hell not gonna give you my number jerk! Why not ask that old lady? She might be elated to exchange numbers with you!

(Her voice is pitched as if glasses were ready to break at the volume of her voice. And everybody is looking at me. So I just politely said…)

Me: I was just saying, coz it’s my turn next at the counter and I need to go out to get some stuff in my car. Something urgent. So that’s why I just asked if I could have your number. Oh well maybe that old lady will be glad to trade numbers with me.

Scenario: At a bank, waiting for my turn to be served by the bank teller.

And P.S…this is purely fictional. But I’d try it out if ever I happen to meet a pretty lady in the bank and wanted to ask for her number. It will probably be a good get away plan. Provided that the bank if full of people and not me and the pretty lady.

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