Crazy, Hangover 2 and Loosening up

Yesterday was one that was like the usual days. Sitting alone with some books which had weird titles, thinking about stuff to write, and just the normal state of observing. It’s the fasting month now and this is the second time those serving me asked “non Muslim?” when I was ordering food. I guess it’s normal here in Peninsular Malaysia compared to where I’m from, the East part of the country. So I said I wasn’t so it was ok to eat. Maybe I have the Malay look.

With nothing much to do, I thought, why not watch a movie, to pass my time. I wanted to watch Captain America but I’d have to wait like an hour before the show started, so I opted for Hangover 2. I like the first one and I probably watched that one twice or maybe more. I have bad memory, so whatever, I loved that one. Hangover 2 was ok, because you kinda know the plot and how the story goes. It had the same basic story line anyway but as long as it can be a source of good amusement to pass the time.

Alan is the character that makes the movie come alive. He is the brains, or the lack of brains that makes the movie an enjoyable one to watch. But somehow he was rather bland in this one. Which was a disappointment to me. But he still did have it in him. Here’s one that I’d quote,

[Alan’s wedding speech]

Hey Everybody
Here’s some fun facts
The population of Thailand is 63 million people
It is twice the size of Wyoming
None of you know Stu like I do
I can’t even tell you what we’ve been through because we made pact
What I can tell you is this.

This is not Stu’s first marriage
There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years ….. [Interrupted by Phil]

Phil: All right, time’s up. Time to sit down, buddy.

Ok, that was a pretty dumb and crazy speech, but that cracked me up, sitting alone. My cousin’s wedding is coming up soon, and I wonder if he would want me to do an “Alan” on him. He’d probably kill me if I said stuff like that. And I would be making up stories anyway so I’d pass.

And perhaps you’re wondering if this post is about a review of the movie. Well, it’s not. It’s just a good excuse for coming up with something to write. I’m on a writing ritual at the moment and it’s sometimes a challenging feat when you have nothing on your mind to write about. But regardless, there is always something to write about, even when having writes block. I’m thinking hard about what I learnt from the movie I watched yesterday. So here’s list of sorts.

Try not to invite any Alan type people to your wedding. He might ruin it.
Please, no Alan speeches. He might say something stupid about your past.
There is no such thing as the wolf pack. It’s only in Alan’s mind.
And finally Alan only spells trouble, so go back to the first point and read the list over again.
Oh and on a final note, if you wanna have a blast forget about points 1-5. Invite someone like Alan. He will surely make your life more memorable.

Come to think about it, if there were no Alan types in our lives, life would be rather bland and boring. I’m not suggesting we need these types of people to add color to our life but we do need them to nudge our “Stu-ness” out for a change. We do need a little bit of crazy to be able to enjoy life. Good crazy in case someone else reads this and thinks I’m proposing the crazy kinda crazy. We need adventure. I need one. And I think I tried something crazy today. So, are you up for a little dose of crazy today? Loosen up and live for a change.

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