Fiction, Reality, and Parody

Fiction has the capacity to give a remake of our reality. Reinstalling hope as something attainable. Giving weakness and messed up life a chance to believe and attain a plateau that instills confidence and success. Fiction takes up our hopes and dreams and make them possible. Fiction has that capability to walk with us in our realities, connect with us because they share in our human themes of darkness, frailties, insignificance, missed chances, life that is broken, weakness and instill life in them by telling us that humility, passion, integrity, determination, belief, love, friendships, family are the qualities that we actually need.

But though we are warmed in the comfort of our seats as we capture these moments when we watch fiction on display, we come back to reality and feed ourselves with cynicism, disbelief, selfishness, hatred and pride. We go back living like how reality determines how life is supposed to be lived. We somehow forget values and qualities we were so attracted with in fictional tales that we live up qualities determined by self interests in the hope to rise above the rest.

In some ways I see this as a parody. I mean, why do we route for the insignificant character who in someways display weakness and everything that we despise in reality? Why do we want him or her to win or rise above his or her ailments and sufferings? What do we want the prideful, the bully, the prideful rich person, wicked men and women to fail? It is a common notion that we feel this way, but in our reality, we wouldn’t care lees of the unfortunate, or the weak, or the insignificant. In reality we want to be friends with the successful, the rich, the powerful. It’s such a parody really, to be fictional characters ourselves when we watch movies, or read books for that matter. We slay what we really believe and let these stories enrapture us for awhile. And after watching or reading them we take up our real beliefs and live life unchanged.

These are at best just scattered thoughts just thinking about reality and fiction. I don’t really intend them to be a well worked out theory or article or post on it. I’ll probably do something better once I’ve thought through what I’ve written here. Till then, if I ever get to develop something out of these thoughts and reflections I promise I’ll do a much better job. I find blogging as a good tool to store up ideas and put them on display, plus it helps me to discipline myself to write.

3 thoughts on “Fiction, Reality, and Parody

  1. J, we route for the underdog because we see ourselves in them. Yes, we all want to be as close to success as possible, but we secretly know our own faults and weaknesses and if another imperfect person can thrive – then there’s still hope for ourselves.

  2. Fountains, yep…we find connections there alright. I was watching captain America when I thought this up. A scrawny kid who became hero. Sometimes, I guess fiction gives us a good dose of still having dreams intact…and a great nudge for hope.

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