july and august

the month before this,
turning a year older,
should have been filled with parties and bliss,
filled with laughfter and maybe a kiss,
wishes of happiness and blessing,
receiving presents and food filling,
i should have been at peace,
i should have been in a state of release,
but should haves become something else,
and something else spells nothing of what's above,
just empty, hollow, woefull sorrow, 
bitter things in life to swallow, 
wanted more but then nothing followed,
just me celebrating whatever it was from before,
saying goodbye to whatever that was instore,
nothing to it,
cause things in life
sometimes they come and go as they please,
leaving marks that leave a trail of bitter release...

but now that's all over,
life beckons me like a lover,
to take another step to sojourn, 
another new story again to learn.

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