Tell me that and I’ll probably listen

For one to give inspiration
To have something of substance
To point people in hopeful direction
To make value of mindless existence
For advises soaked in gold
One has to be stripped of their own dreams
To be soaked in their tears
They cry at night alone like streams
To be robbed of their value
Stripped down and naked
Beaten and confused
But still moving
Still living
Still going on persevering
Even after storms and looming death hovering
Alive to tell stories that resonate
To those who
Travel the same road
In the cries of the living.

To inspire one has to be broken
To give life one has to know the experience
To survive one has to show scars as tokens
To give hope one has to know what it means
To have hers taken…

So tell me inspiration
Not with your trophy collection,
Not with your wealthy possession,
Just with your life like mine
Torn and broken.

Tell me that and I’ll be willing to listen.

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