poems in the key of A…6

you're my crazy beautiful
taking risks is simply being fruitful
im somewhat a conservative twit
and jokes aside not much of a bliss
but since you're my crazy beautiful
life is not so much moving in a slow phase
though i use the word crazy as an emphasis
i really mean it in a nice way
just that it means you take risks
with passion and verve
i lack that quality and so i feed off your energy
so i can be a little bit crazy too...

I emphasize beautiful because simply
it means what the word denotes
nothing hidden...no hidden code to be broken
beautiful is what i see and feel and breath
that comes from being with you
and luck has finally hit i think it is for me
not in terms of hitting the jackpot
the lottery
a lucky draw
or in the mode of exchanging gifts
my luck is more of a surprise
when one is willing to say..."here share something with me..."
or more "be with me..."
and when someone like me emphasizes luck
he simply means you're simply gorgeous
hot and a knock out...
which comes to mean beautiful again. 

And writing that...is now a combination of a little crazy (the good one) and hopefully it will read like something beautiful.
poems in the key of A...1,2,3,4,5

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