Pain is a Fact


Just got done with the outline.


It is finished!

Initially I wanted to get me a Maori elbow tattoo but changed my mind and I got what you see above. This one is number two. If you don’t know about the experience of getting one, I’ll try my best to explain.

Pain is something that we’d like to deny. When we live in denial, pain, in how it affects us will become great. But if we live life and know that pain is something inevitable, how we go through the experience will be much better. Not better in a sense that there is less pain but we live life knowing that pain can come at any moment. In some ways that’s how the experience is with getting a tattoo. You don’t go and get a tattoo thinking that it’s gonna be a smooth ride. There will be pain. And initially in the process of the tattoo artist inking you, after a few minutes things get better. You’ve become accustomed with the rhythm of pain surging through your body. Your body and mind begins to cope.

But after all the surges of pain, where your body is done being scarred by the needle stabbing your skin with ink, you see the majestic beauty that comes out of that experience. But then again, it depends on who is inking you. You need a good artist to do that.

While I was getting inked, my mind was reflecting on this. Since I’ve had my own bouts with pain, like the process of getting the tattoo done, we can in time see some form of beauty that comes out from our experiences in life.

The denial of pain brings more pain.

Our acceptance of it’s reality helps us cope.

And in time some of the scars that heal become something beautiful.

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