Note: I wrote this particular piece thinking on orthodoxy and heresy out of curiosity of how where it would lead to. So if there are better authorities on these issues you can give out your opinions. I’d like to hear them out. And it also seemed timely when I had conversation with a friend on the train on my assumed heretical or rather liberal leanings some we saying me swaying to. Anyway we joked about it sometimes. I guess they were probably joking but who knows right? It must be my leaning to N.T. Wright or because I loved Peter Enns book.

Is there such a thing as orthodoxy? Many would say yes. But the notion of orthodoxy only arrives at the juncture of it’s definition from responding to heresy. Or should I say enhanced.

Orthodoxy or right teaching is something that is derived from a source that one ascribes to as truth. If it is something derived it does not fully have the truth but works out from a particular source of what one ascribes to as truth.

In that matter all of us begin as heretics. And gaining knowledge from the reference we ascribe to as true, we unlearn of shed some of our heretical skins or leanings in arriving to a position of assumed orthodoxy.

I don’t entirely believe that we will be able to fit into a pure position of orthodoxy for we are constantly learning to shed our heretical leanings. I mean, even those who view themselves as orthodox in their teachings and positions have differing positions on certain issues. What matters is then the source in which we ascribe to as true.

I guess what I’m trying to do here is to chart a third way. I’m not sure if what I’ve explained has anything substantial in it but I guess something I’d like to develop over time. In a way I’m just saying that there is such a thing as right teaching, but right teaching comes from a certain source. But we don’t automatically abstract it from our source material. We do a lot of interpretation. If the process of extracting truth is something we develop and learn, then it also means that we start out as people who don’t know or have our certain views on things other than what we learn from the source we consider as true. So in a way isn’t there a hint of heretical leanings we all have in us? No one is entirely orthodox in their views. And no one is entirely beyond the grips of heretical leanings. If anyone calls me heretical, maybe I won’t mind. I know I’m learning to conform my leanings to as best as possible to the source material I believe to as true.

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