something about Medium being the Message

Coptic Icon in Jerusalem
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Just some thoughts reflecting on a post by James K.A. Smith entitled “The Medium is the Message.”

The medium is the message. But often times we think what we ‘tag’ with the medium is the real message we are promoting. So the question we need to ask is “What influences our medium?” (To simply tag somethng with a medium is to add something we think of enhancing our medium). Whatever influences our medium will eventually become the message we bring.

So we might wanna ask ourselves, if we wanted to express love (message) to someone what is the influence behind the medium of our expression? It’s the same with Christian Worship (Smith’s book entitled Desiring the Kingdom is an exposition of this very idea “medium is message”). Taking a quote from the blog post by Smith he states that,

“The Gospel is not a “content” that can be distilled and just dropped into any old “form” that seems hip or relevant or attractive. You can’t distill Jesus from Christian worship and then just drop him into the mall or the coffee shop or the concert: while you might think you’re “Jesu-fying” this medium, in fact you just end up commodifying Jesus.”

It’s worth reconsidering how we do worship taking Smith’s proposal. Or any medium we use to relay a message because in the end “the medium becomes the message.”


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