When my hands do all the talking

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Sometimes it’s funny having like 800+ friends on Facebook and I haven’t had a decent conversation with anyone in like more than 2 weeks. Well not counting when I go to church that is. But the bulk of my time is spent alone, mostly with my eyes fixed to the computer screen or when I’m reading a book. Well I do have those small interactions on my Facebook with chats and replying comments of friends on Facebook or when they are comments on my blog but that’s about it.

I live in a world where words, the keyboard and the computer screen become the outlet where I get “connected” with people. At this point it drives me nuts no speaking with anyone. It’s not exactly something healthy. But at this point this is part of what I’m going through and maybe soon things will get better as time passes by.

I must admit that I’m a loner and sometimes I don’t really like being in a crowd because it makes me feel uneasy. But there is a limit to that. I simply crave to have a decent conversation at this point.

My phone doesn’t ring too often as well. Unless it’s mom and and dad who calls, that’s about it. My then girlfriend used to be the one who does that. I’d call her at about this time when the library period is almost over and ask her how her day was. As of now, if I didn’t have my cell phone with me it would be OK. No one calls anyway. Gone were the days when I’d call someone for an hour or more. Maybe for now until it starts over again when I do fall for another woman.

Well, in a week or so I’ll be flying back home for a week so I’ll probably survive. Sort job employment back home and I’ll defiantly be using my voice pretty often when I’m back. Maybe I’d catch up with old friends so it’s something I look forward to.

This whole week I’ve been reading through chapter one on John’s Gospel as I’ll be preaching this Sunday. My first stint at preaching at the church I’m attached with so that will be a new experience. I’ll try to do better with my delivery this time, cause I have a monotonous voice to start with. But then again, it’s something I look forward to.

At least it’s something I get to do not with typing words on a spreadsheet or Word document for a change. Cause it’s always my hand who do all the “talking.”


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