Speaking and Dreaming about the Beach

Right about now I’m feeling nauseous. I’ll be speaking in public tomorrow, in other words preaching. But no, it’s not because of that. It’s because I’m tired of hearing myself speak about the same thing over and over again.

Not that preparation is  unimportant, it’s because the only other voice that I hear is my own voice. It’s the same voice I hear in my thoughts. Sometimes this isolation is something that drives me crazy.

Sitting in a room for the most part of the whole week has been unbearable at times. But I’m glad that tomorrow is coming soon and I’ll be out of this room and just being around people is something of a refuge. Hearing people chatter, speak and laugh, it has become something beautiful. I guess I’m tired of all the silence that comes with being alone in a room.

But in all that, I’m kinda missing the sound and feel just being at the beach. Back home, the beach is much closer. I would usually walk for like 25 minutes or if I’m lazy, I’d just drive. Over here there is no beach. It’s something different being alone in a room compared to being alone at the beach. The sound of the waves washing up on the shore, the smell of the ocean, the scenery and all that is really something.

It will be another week and a day before I make my way back home. A week of bliss and some time for me to enjoy the beach. And maybe some conversations with people that’s for sure.

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