Living with emptiness

Sharing laughter with your reflection in the mirror,
Halls echo voices of no one,
But just the ones you own.

Dreams meant to be shared with another soul,
You share alone,
As you engrave this reality in stone.

A table set for two,
Longing to peer into another’s eyes in embrace,
as the darkness shares in your heart’s misplace.

Writing love letters,
You think of sending,
But instead in your hands you end up reading.

Warmed by pictures of couples kissing,
Your hands grasping,
Only shadows,
as you feel nothing,
Just the wind.

Your favorite songs all speak of undying devotion,
You sing along reeling in someone else’s narrative,
But yours only vivid imaginations.

Hunger for beauty to be made real,
Swaying with melodies that soothes the heart,
Your only comfort is trusting a future that will eventually heal.

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