the art of really ‘listening’

i hear you speaking,
loudly and clearly,
your mouth moving,
as you utter words and sentences,
make phrases into images.

i see your eyes,
twitching when they do,
looking intently in my direction,
sitting in opposite direction,
i can clearly see you,
cause i have 20/20 vision. 

you make all sorts of expressions,
i'm amazed at how you do it,
dramatic i'd say,
like putting on a show,
this is better than watching television. 

I extend my gaze at the clothes you're wearing,
a bright colored shirt,
in well porpotioned texture,
you have nice taste,
a combination of bread and butter. 

and all this while in my observation,
while listening to you speak,
i have to apologize because,
while i was too busy noticing
whatever it was you were intently sharing,
i only heard noise.

sometimes we are all but masters in listening with our eyes all open,
the intention of not really listening,
just mere enactment of how to look like we're really giving a damn to what we're hearing.

Note: A Jewish Philosopher is quoted, "When you see the color of someone's eyes, you are not relating to them." 
The idea of this poem came from this video.

2 thoughts on “the art of really ‘listening’

  1. I’ve gotta say, this one really struck a chord! The art of truly listening is one that few (in my life at least) have mastered. We look, we observe, we think, we respond, but rarely do we really listen!

    Well done!

    1. Thanks John,
      I’ve been called a good listener but I think we all struggle to really listen. I think it’s a never ending process, that we deconstruct our well mannered projection of how to play the game, to put on a face that we look like we are, but in fact not. Thanks again for the comment.

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