A social experiment in being homeless?

There’s this idea I’ve been toying with for some time now. As I’ve scoured the city, looking at homeless folks sleeping on street pavements, I’ve always wondered how it feels to live with absolutely nothing. Just necessities.

I wonder where do they get their food, take a dump or bath if they ever do get a chance to do it. It’s something that goes beyond my mind to grasp at the moment but I’d like to really do it. To live among them and have conversations on their journey. How they view life and all that.

My plan is quite simple though, in actually do it. Since I have people I know who work in the city, I plan to leave the necessities I own in their hands after I’m done experimenting. I don’t plan to get robbed so I’ll look messy like a homeless dude. I’ll probably carry some small amount of cash. I’m initially thinking of three days but let’s see how that goes. But before actually taking the plunge, I have to finish some work which will free up my time.

Now, what’s the worst thing that could happen in three days? So this will be a social experiment. I’m actually exited in this endeavor. To get to do something for a change. And, I do plan to blog about the experience.

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