for this i give myself

fall to pieces every time
with your million dollar smile
but thoughts persist on every decision
it happens all the time.

i made a pact with my heart
to wait for signs to come
but every move i make
my own desires come undone.

my existence ponders through
the weight i have within
will something happen between me and you
for i think that time is running thin.

but all i have to give
is nothing but myself
no riches can i shower you
but just the promise of my love.

Note: This probably has nothing to do with myself (yet) at the moment but it was fun to write something with a melody as i hummed the words along with it. I’m too lazy to pick up my guitar at the moment and plus i have some other stuff to write about. But i guess in truth i have aches in my heart sometimes but it is a good excuse to write about something.


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