my opponent

my opponent is like the wind

i try to make my punches count

but to no avail

he will always win the bout

even without throwing me a punch

my constant barging

that’s what knocks me out!

Frustration marks my day today. I try to calm my nerves to be able to keep my mind to write a paper that I’m supposed to hand today but because of a sudden flash flood that occurred it just make me raging mad. My books, the ones i keep beside my bed are all soaking wet now. Thick ones, thin ones, some of them from my favorite scholars (two to be exact), all of them wet. Well not all that is but the ones I recently bought which cost me 200 bucks (Malaysian currency that is). I was asleep when it happened, I don’t have a bed but a mattress on the floor (wannabe writers are always poor), and at the point of waking up I suddenly felt a chill, not from the wind but a sort of wetness. And I was thinking to myself, it can’t possibly be me cause I’m all grown up and don’t wet the bed anymore. So then I thought it must be something worse. I woke up to see my room covered with brown water! And my books which were placed beside my mattress were now submerged in that awful brown wet substance! Dammit! To think about it more now at this time when I’m supposed to be sleeping (it’s 1:30 am now) makes me even madder. I’ll try to keep calm and probably ask for an extension for my paper. I’m borrowing a friend’s laptop now to try and get something done. I guess tomorrow morning I’ll have to put those books under the sun to dry them, to salvage whatever I can that is. I hope your day is better than mine. 

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