Reflections on Poetry: Speaking as Though Being Silent

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Poetry is the art of speaking out of an event that has happend, but in some ways elude the very nature of explaining exaustively that event.

It is the expression of what has happend to us that eludes language to give the full extent of meaning. Because experiences that affect us are at best the most difficult thing to exaustively express.

Thus poetry is the form of speaking that converges with silence. A mysterious depiction of reality that conjures the gesture of nodding in agreement but at the same time, creates a motion of jaw dropping awe. In it we sink into understanding and speechlessness.

We give birth to our poetic leanings by structuring words into sentences, giving birth to language that enraptures a certain image in our own mind and to those we share the traces of events that had colored our lives.

But at the same time in relaying intelligable words structured in sentences that connects because we speak the language of mortals, the projection of our experiences eludes a depiction of a static image. For poetry has in itself a form of art that critiques language. Images that we portray in language flows like liquid and take forms and shapes in another reader’s mind and in that eludes our own depiction as well.

We who gave birth to our explanations in the form of poetry, are constant learners as well, for every time we pick and read up the past, we hold with us mysteries that captures the untapped mind, to birth new depictions that will never in our lifetime end for mere words to comprehend.

Note: The explanation above were inspired by Peter Rollins who depicts theology as an analogy to poetry. You can hear the podcast for yourself by following this link.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on Poetry: Speaking as Though Being Silent

  1. Wow. Very intelligent, J, and inspiring. I am really impressed with this. The first and last paragraphs are phenomenal. I would have never thought of how to express poetry in this manner – you’ve explained what it is and what it is meant to do, as well as its purpose. You’ve taken an unbelievably difficult concept and explained it so fittingly with such simple and direct language. It really does echo Rollins. Amazing.

  2. I love the way you talk about “giving birth”. Cause yeah. Most of the times poetry is not easy and light… It’s like being in labour for sure.

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