the convergence of two broken spaces

there was a time when i held within my hand,
two converging episodes,
one i saw with my eyes appearing,
another relayed the mark of an ending.

they were both closely tied to who i was,
one relayed a blood knitted familiarity,
another one my heart felt reality.

and when in listening to one relay his frailty,
i heard another that broke inside me,
a silence that was deafening.

with my brother,
i heard a heart breaking to pieces,
and while his emotions were held,
with attentive listening,
i died alone,
holding on to what i received,
as i heard my own heart breaking.

in that moment,
as one held on to his dear life,
as so disappearing,
i knew the extent,
of feeling at lost,
for my own was,
at that point moving.

only the frail,
would live to tell,
of such a tale,
when placed in his hands,
two realities,
that conjures up,
a need for silence,
as well as a thirst for dependence.

the convergence of two broken spaces,
is one i would truly remember
for it was one i held once.

Note: I tried to capture two converging realities that spoke about frailties, one was from a relative who was going through a torrid period as i listened intently to him and one was my own. I held on his pain while in that moment was dealing with mine as well. It was at that point of time numbing to say the least.

4 thoughts on “the convergence of two broken spaces

  1. ur on quite a poetic tear as of late. nice. i remember when i was so inspired that words were pouring out almost everyday. not so these dark days – but its refreshing to read urs.

    1. Peter Rollins had this podcast on his book “how (not) to speak about god” and he was saying that poetry holds with it the tension of relaying meaning and being silent at the same time. and that it’s giving words or meaning to events that we find hard to explain (just trying to recap what he said, you can listen to it here: ). i guess poetry is my rehabilitative state to continue to write at the moment. keeps the emotions in tact while at best. thanks for reading through.

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