talent, fame and art

for a million views and counting?

just the tension of two extremes.

for the clicks one receives from YouTube?

whatever it is that entertains.

the stuff defined by popularity?

if that happens, will drive the artist insane.

2 thoughts on “talent, fame and art

  1. nice one!
    i don’t know if i agree, though. maybe that’s because i just wrote a post in the opposite side. i agree that nowadays the majority of things that are very popular are shitt* and plastic and bad. Really bad. But there’s still some good art out there. And I don’t think those artists should not get their recognition! 😉
    sorry for talking too much! lol
    keep writing!

    1. Nanda,
      Just read your poem “What Then?” I think that’s the one you said you wrote in the opposite direction. It’s ok if you don’t know you agree with it or not, no harm there. And I do agree that some stuff out there are crap, and good art they do deserve recognition, period. I guess my musing on this (I also wrote another post detailing this tension as well which you can read here https://achorusofehoes.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/art-and-its-enemy/ ) is that if “art,” is only guided by popularity, the artist in some ways ceases to be an artist and becomes a slave to the lord of popularity. 🙂

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