Sometimes when all I hear are constant nagging,
To be the best at what you do,
To amaze people as though you have brilliance deep in you,
To be the change for others emulation,
Sometimes maddens my mental simulation,
I’m tired to run the treadmill of the next greatest potential,
That was maybe for a period,
But now I think I’m in denial,
Of thinking I was something
before I was anything,
I drank from the wrong well,
I guess I’m only now discovering,
Everything could come crashing down,
At any given moment,
There were times when i felt the comfort,
Of looking the direction of my own self worth,
But that means nothing now when the stuff of life,
Is never constant,
Just like the still sea changes,
When storms comes budging,
And when I get my mind,
Wrapped around on the journey to be significant,
What would be the thing that would strut originality,
When other have done this and that,
And I see the stuff that my mind produces,
Are like mundane insinuations,
Of a brain that reeks and borders on the normal,
Few talents would make it through,
For people to adore as “Brilliant.”

My nagging are birthed from voices pervading,
My mind to be something,
And I stop my stride to believe in,
The normal I tread in,
To be a voice that runs with the horses,
A race that beckons,
of going around in circles,
Like a hamster running his treadmill,
Never achieving anything but just amounts to nothing,
Trapped in a cage,
To be awed by those who adore,
A miniature creature,
With no sense of knowing,
The world all around him,
Just to be at ease,
To do all the same things,
Over and over,
But the reality has never,
Taken over his brain,
That the thing that is needed,
That would make all the differences,
Is just an epiphany,
That would tell him,

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