When two souls

The aftermath of
When two souls
At one point of time
Held their hearts together as one
Is a telling narrative
That spells an eventful beginning
And an explosion
That disintegrates
Pieces of trust
And devotion
Into shattered
Images of what once thought as beautiful.

To love is to embrace kisses,
With pain,
To hold a beginning as an end
Worth conjuring,
In the hope that,
Whatever was thought up to last,
Becomes nothing as what the mind has conceived,
But for what was worth,
There is still belief,
In an emotional trust,
Of this beautiful curse.

And so we kiss as though,
We conjure up eternity,
To color the plains with bright appearing,
But not knowing what lies ahead,
In the realms of fickle reality,
To love another,
Is like embracing,
But if it is not death then it must be something else.

Can we then trust our instincts,
About the projection we see with our eyes?
When muddled by beauty,
We drink up whatever reality,
That seems to be,
An end that looks back at the genesis,
Of how whatever started,
To be the eventful narrative,
That takes pain by the heart,
And instill into it,
Something worth becoming,
Of an ending that embraces,
A worthy beginning.

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