UPDATE: You can hear how “Shattered” sounds like by going here.

What breaks
will never be mended
Shattered like glass
Always be broken
No room for repair
Repressing the memories
Of all of the feelings
Buried in the grave
They cannot be saved

My walk
will always be restless
The pain has set in
Hope has set sail
Just cherished beginnings
Of what used to be
Now it’s all for nothing
Hope has now ended
When you waked away.

Note: I wrote this in June right about the time of my break up. I was meddling with my guitar trying an open G tuning and somehow the melody sort of birthed the words that made up the song. I’ll probably post it when I can figure out how to convert what I recorded on my GargeBand app. My mind just doesn’t jell when it comes to tech stuff. It has a haunting melody to it to somehow mimic the emotions embedded into the lyrics and tune.

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