being original

being original
is like kicking your head
over and over
if you make it through
then congratulations
because the
short trip into the ward
of mental tribulation
makes one feel close to labor
and to birth up a concept of ideas
that no one has traveled before
is a good definition
of one being in isolation
because once you tap the world
with the tip of your fingers
and it becomes flat
you see that
what you have to offer is common
like how everyone was obsessed with
the idea that birds
have a reason to be angry
and they make war with pigs
has been played to death
and i ask
how was that original?
as i try to make my head
mathematical for a change
i find the equation of the idea
of birds having a reason to be angry
but it’s insane
that people love it
and are crazy with the what not philosophy
embedded on the screen
that the popularity
of an idea
is based not on originality
something common or simply domestic
and you tweak it
with an insane concept
that negativity can be kissed without fear
and if you do it in succession
you will receive your just rewards
and then you think
what was the use of kicking
you head in succession
and trying to come up with something original
(only to be duped as boring
which the masses would think
you were simply uninteresting!)

UPdate: The last three lines of the poem above should had some mistake in them which a kind enough blogger noted to me in the comments. So an alternative or rather a correction would read:

“only to be duped, when you thought you had something,
when all the masses would think,
you were simply uninteresting!”

And so I learnt my lesson in this poem. In the task of trying to be original don’t rant about “Angry Birds.” They might haunt you back with some dose of anger! Karma baby. I learn my lesson. haha

5 thoughts on “being original

  1. First this rant made me smile. Then it made me laugh! But I got a bit confused at the end. Did you mean …”dubbed” as boring”? or did you really mean duped as in “deceived” as boring? ” as if” you were simply uninteresting! ?

    1. Russell,

      OMG! Thanks for noticing that, now I’m laughing so hard myself because of my frustration with completing this piece. I got stuck on the part where I included the “Angry Birds” bit I put in there and didn’t know where I was headed with it for a while. So I let it sit for a day before stuff finally flowed. Somehow your suggestions made sense to where I was heading. haha! I’ll edit the piece soon…but still have the mistakes in there. Oh what a parody this is haha. In the plight to be original, I heaped upon me disaster. Angry Birds still won I see.

      The last past should read then:

      “only to be duped, when you thought you had something,
      when all the masses would think,
      you were simply uninteresting!”

    1. I owe a great deal of the “making sense” part because of you. This was a one of the frustrating one to write but I was laughing hysterically after you noticed the slip, or rather “hard fall on my ass,” when i messed the meaning up. Glad you liked the angry birds part.

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