an ode to courage

is a word i thought i understood
to mean
someone with muscles from Brussels
who had the strength
to ward off
those who got on his nerves
because they messed with his love
or so his next of kin
those enemies who sin
and like hulk
who only retaliated
when they provoked his warning of
“don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry,”
type of monologue,
the one that could be recited from rote memory,
because it plays out the same,
over and over,
the plot tells the same old story…
where courage meant
strength is used
when an enemy
strikes first
and the good guy (or gal)
always wins…

but i’m quick to learn
that there is another side to “courage”
where the normal and weak reside
those insignificant ones
of whom fear
or the very mention of the word
inhabits their world…
if there is another metaphor
that counters the “courage”
i mentioned above,
i always think about
an animated character
who is the counter-cultural representation
of a deconstruction
decoding to the word “courage”
is a dog,
who is the embodiment of fear,
but overturns the tables,
time and again because his name,
depicts his swimming against the waves,
and currents,
that tries to exorcise,
what he is called to be,
the dog called

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