dreams were meant to share

“in the event of my death”
he said
“please bury with me my dream.”
“why…” was the response
given to his request
“…would you do such a thing?”
the question beckons him,
“it would be good if you would shared it,
cause then your dreams,
it would live on,
now wouldn’t that be bliss,
to have,
your rememberance
it will forever be taken in?”
He repilied, with a cynical smile,
I don’t think that’s my thing,
I’d rather be buried with it in tact, cause only i would know,
for dear God, the value of my dreams!”

then years passed by,
and reaper came,
to take those whose time
was up,
the man who wished,
to be buried
with his dream,
I imagined,
his lifeless body clutching,
if he could,
his dreams from,
leaving him.

But alas,
if you want to know,
the ending of this poem,
read up now by clicking this link,
and you will know,
the moral of this story,
dreams were meant to be shared.

If you hold too tightly to your dreams and not wish for others to cherish it by giving it away…chances are, someone else, a stranger will pry it from your resting place. True Story 🙂

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