“to speak another way”

Pins rouges...!!!

as i sit and reflect
as i always do
on any given day
a voice in the distant tells me
“to speak another way.”

as i try to get my mind around
the sentence
that had suddenly
popped up out of magical thin air
“to speak another way.”

it now plays like a haunting melody
that dances
all around like someone hallucinating fairies
and round and round my head they go
as it continually says
“to speak another way.”

i try to pry its cryptic message
and deconstruct the worded sentence
i lift it up against the light
to see what i might find
but on and on it keeps on saying
“to speak another way.”

i guess today
i’ll just try to let it be
and maybe later
or sometime
when everything is still
its meaning will probably spill
but for now this condescending mantra,
keeps on saying,
“to speak another way.”

3 thoughts on ““to speak another way”

  1. J.
    I like this poem. To me, it speaks to one of those rules of poets that says we should find unique ways of conveying what we see, to eschew trite phrases and continues to do so as we continually revise our poem . Then as we settle every thing and the poem comes to fruition we finally get it.

    1. R,

      I wrote the poem this morning, and when I read your comment and read the poem again, it finally dawned on me to what it means. Today i just felt worn out and actually read through the poems i wrote…the voice it seems needs me to speak-or in this case write another way. It’s funny, writing this poem up that it feels like my emotions were running ahead of me. Your comment helped me to see and make connection to the poem and what I’m feeling today!

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