“Fasting” will not come out in theaters near you (Report by J)

It was reported by sources close to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that his movie titled “Fasting” has been cancelled. Johnson, it is said was very disappointed by the decision on the cancellation of the movie. The one who leaked out the information pertaining to “Fasting” said that, “Johnson really immersed himself into the character he was playing. I mean, he lost like so may pounds of weight, you never thought this guy was a pro-wrestler before.”

According to sources, Johnson, like what the title of the movie, fasted and followed the diet of John the Baptist. It is unknown where he got his stash of locust or whether he took sugar free honey. It was only reported that he was doing the “John the Baptist Diet Plan.”

Doctors have warned Johnson, on his decision to plunge into the role, as one would see the after affects from the picture above pertaining to how Johnson was after going through the diet. One of the reasons was, he might not regain back his weight ever again. But it was reported that Johnson went and asked advise from actor Christian Bale, who is known for his role in “The Machinist” on which he too lost weight for the role. It seems that Johnson did his homework on this. But still doctors say that Bale was no expert in doctor stuff so the tables might turn on Johnson’s decision.

But cancellation of the movie were also due to other factors, it is said. Religious groups protested that the depiction of Johnson who held a chicken drumstick (which looked to be from Kentucky Fried Chicken) in the movie poster, would send the wrong messages to what the real purpose of fasting was. One religious leader said, “Fasting is not about losing weight and gaining it back by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. ”

Another reason for the cancellation of the show, which sources said were clashes between McDonald’s and KFC. It is reported that McDonald’s is suing KFC and the makers of the movie because according to the script of the movie, Johnson’s character who vowed to immerse himself in the religious practice of fasting will always opt for KFC. This is because, Billy Bob Thornton’s character, who plays a self proclaimed prophet named Isaiah Moses, who taught that “it is better to eat at KFC than McDonald’s,” apparently, a line coming from his character.

A spokes person from McDonald’s said that “When they wrote the script and filmed the movie, they did not seek the approval from us. With such big names like “The Rock” and Thornton coupled with a “divine” mandate which is evident from the movie lashing out at McDonald’s, it will surely hurt our sales and the trust of people who believe in the ideology behind the movie.”

Spokes person for the movie “Fasting” have not responded yet on any of the facts gained from the sources. But, they seem reliable to this reporter.

Report by: J, who does not have any poetry thought up in his mind today. He tried hard (really hard) to write poetry based on the poster above but no poetic words came out. So today he tried write sarcasm. Apparently he lost a few brain cells watching contestants from Miss Universe 2011 (search for their vids on YouTube and you will get his point.) who gave very amazing (or stupid) answers to the 3 hardest questions that make gorgeous women sweat. The questions were, “Do you think there is life on other planets?”, “Why are women better than men?” and “What animal would you be if given the chance?” It seems like J believes that for him to find the ONE, he will need to ask these questions and see if they give satisfactory answers to them. If that happens J will have both the combination of “beauty and brains” which would solve his problems of being single and searching for the one.

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