“love never fails”

“Love never fails,” so the statement goes and we nod in approval because this statement has religious and spiritual overtones.

But who does make the idea or the concept of love failing but people who become the medium of the “idea and the concept.” And so in the statement that reads “love never fails” we have to deconstruct it from (i) the people who become the medium of the idea and (ii) concept of love to the idea and concept in itself.

If we have done so, then we can in someways safely say that love does indeed never fail. It is people who are “prone” to fail. But “love,” it does not.

Even when people have said that love does not exist, these “unbelievers” also somehow believe in a form of love, a love that retaliates against an idea that they do not believe.

So “love never fails,” a concept or idea that is “true,” and people who love sometimes fail but some try to emulate the idea and get back on tract (while some just don’t care at all). And some who say that love, it does not exist, they are just retaliating to a love they do not believe in

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