How 3 layers of meanings derived from a song

Sometimes songs that we hear, though encoded with a particular message from the author of the lyrics, in the landscapes created by the melodies, can in them conjure something other than its previous meaning.

A song has the capacity to transport a particular past event which had been immortalized when our mind is awakened in the infusion of melodies and memories into existence whenever this marrying or clashing, happens.

Now a song, in its beginning, or inception, starts by the creation of a melody or in following how the lyrics direct how it should sound. Meaning takes precedence by the melodies which carries the lyrics. The combination of both of these become the first layer of meaning that a song carries.

But then a second layer of meaning gets birthed when the song goes viral. This is done by people who inject their own interpretation in the song. The song, or those who were the originators of the song, in it’s becoming; musicians and lyricists, do not dictate what the song should mean. Art, in whatever form, has no controlled single meaning. What we do have is a plurality of meanings which are derived from a single object or concept of art.

Then, there is a third layer. The song becomes sort of like an incubator to memories. The song functions here to awaken the old into the present, by way of transporting the past and its memories into the now, whenever we hear them.

I’m merely reflecting how I would try to conceptualize the occurrence of this event. I read a poem from another blogger that, although not musing on how this forms into place, but how a song which she heard made her think about her dad, although the song had a somewhat different message embedded into it.

And then the idea just dawned on me. I do have my own experiences when I hear a song, I’m somehow transported back into time, like time travel. Where old emotions are somehow reawakened, or where we just remember a certain someone. It’s amazing really. The song blazing meaning from the band who created it, we hear them and make our interpretations and in someways transported to a past event, all at the same time.

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