mind square

“my mind is a square”
but probably some would argue
that the “brain has not a shape”
and i would tell them
“i’m sorry i’m not sure you understand”
and they would look like the expression of one saying “eh?!!”
as if i said some four letter word
or the one with an “F”
go figure
and then i would retract
“in the art of making myself clear”

i would begin to explain
by what i meant by me saying
“my mind is a square”
but in the midst of explaining
as if by some invisible force
like someone had put
headphones playing music in their ears full blast
i can’t understand it
cause they cant hear (hence headphones)
even when
making myself understandable
they would nod like they disagreed
and “a huh-ed” like they didn’t mean it
like in a scene where i imagined
if i was a comedian
they would laugh
because they just had to
cause a comedian is supposed to make people laugh
and the audience is supposed to laugh at the jokes
this is what i would call
an S2S
and they were doing gestures on faces
that represented S2S

i’m sorry…
i need to explain what the two S’s and the number 2
the first S= supposed
the 2=to
and the last S= situation

and so after my explanations
they would begin to tell me
“now the human body…”
and yada this yada that
and ramble on talking about the human body
and human organs
and how all these things
can’t be ascribed
to any 2 dimensional shape
like the very one i mentioned
and the person repeats what i said
or so as he/she heard
which goes something like this
“like when you said your brain is a square…
that can’t possibly be.”

i get frustrated
cause we were communicating on different frequencies
like me speaking to donkeys
well at least now scientists (i heard) are teaching monkeys
sign language
but despite the progress
even if the person was a monkey knowing sign language
it still wouldn’t help cause
i don’t sign language
and i never learned how
maybe i should
but i have no money right now

and the person made me look dumb
i mean i did go to school and learned up
about the human anatomy
though right now
my mind is a little fuzzy
not remembering half or less about the stuff i learned at school
cause though i sat in front
a few spaces to the teacher’s desk
i was mostly day dreaming
and not paying attention
to the teacher’s words
but that did not make me a fool
retracking back to the stuff i said that earlier that
“my mind is a square”

well i have to say that
in a way to tell you this narrative
of part fiction,
part memoir,
part conceptual (i love this word),
and part giving out a message
it just means that:

sometimes when we try to convey a message,people read what they think they hear and when we try to explain…they act as if they already know whatever it is you’re gonna say and it’s already wrong from the beginning so they hear you speaking but they are not listening like what they were doing in the beginning of not hearing and yes I’m just imagining how stuff like this happens all the time.


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