Human progress

When the perception
About the ultimate charter
That people believe in
Become the platform
That we call
The exact definition
Of what it means to be successful
Is the thing that one ascribes to
an image
Confounded by those blessed
Being placed in an environment
As to having the necessary educational infusion
Speak a certain language
Uttering words of aliens
Filled with isms
Or do we actually miss em
When we talk in human terms?
And yet we say there’s a truth about diversity
But what we mean by that is the division of class
And also the idea of equality
But often get our minds in the chorus of corporate
It’s funny that the ones that we think can make reasonable
Sense out of anything
Are the ones we watch on tv
The rich and the famous
But these people are those we pay to be our puppets
But they wield the same magic
And we all become the same thing we thought we created.
Now some would trump their bets and tell you
That religion is the way to solve all problems
And it probably is I guess
But I’m no prophet to yell this out to you
But then the way it’s portrayed
Where it teaches one to escape
Another to blow themselves
To have a roomful of harems
Or get all nasty when someone has a different perspective
But they recite stuff about loving their neighbors
Now what’s that all about
When we can’t even talk about things
To just be civil?
And then that’s another issue at hand
Cause who makes who to be what it’s suppose to mean?
Cause each and every culture
Has beauty embedded in
And of course if so they practice stuff
That deprives human rights
And yes that sort of system should be in somewhat
Blotted out
But don’t go going around and judge
Make dogs of those we don’t understand…
With all the progress
That’s mounting around everywhere
Sometimes spells like recess
To convictions of what’s supposed to
But we don’t really give a damn
And so we sit and some talk
About the great thing
That’s happened
It’s true
That the world is definitely flat
But the minds of depraved humans
Gets bloated fat
Cause greed, and me-isms,
We kill the right people
Kiss the shallow reflection
Of this thing we call
The very definition
Of human progress.

I have a small mind with a very small perspective on things but sometimes I love to think about epic themes to write about in poetry form or my own brand of what not poetry. It’s more like hip hop kinda stuff but it’s fun to see how it gets shaped to whatever that comes to mind. It’s always fun to write about big ideas and themes but I’ll need much more learning to get there. I wonder how this would sound if I tried to speak it out. But that will need practice.

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