life as a bird

Restless Flycatcher (Myiagra inquieta), common...
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In the morning, most of us are awakend to the sound of singing birds. Some wake up hearing the rooster crowing in the distance or the gawking of crows. The sounds are pleasant sometimes and sometimes just plain bad.

It makes me think of birds in a way. What do they do and what kind of life would be purposeful living as a bird. Birds sing and make some sort of distinct sound. They go about their business flying and feeding. They mate. They lay eggs and care for their chicks by bringing food for them. And at night they sleep. They live the same cycle everyday without fail and never get bored of the way they live. They are happy if they live like they are supposed to doing what they do. Life for them is simple.

Humans on the other hand have it hard. Having brains to think and feelings to feel. It’s hard to run the cycle of living with the need to know what this life is for. Whether we like it or not we live with the tension of routine and trying to understand the meaning of living that routine.

Humans have the tendency to rebel under the predicament of routine. Some rebel by doing something about it and become daredevils, living life on the fast lane. Life for them is to be lived chasing after something. Maybe chasing after the highs. Like in the movies where everything is moving and nothing seems boring. Some rebel by merely complaining and dreaming. Tired of the routine they live but unable to disband from the routine.

I’m not sure if birds ever rebelled, or lived in a different way like what they are supposed to do. But I think, they too will be thinking, when we introduce them to life in a cage (well maybe). But other than that, sometimes I just want to live like a bird. Just live, content with the normal cycle of living like a bird.

But maybe, life lived in the cycle of mundane existence trapped by complacency and in fear of breaking the cycle, is not supposed to be how we are to live.

Although I want to live like a bird, I can’t live like a bird.


2 thoughts on “life as a bird

  1. livingasalex says:

    I don’t think it’s about who’s having the harder life because birds and humans are completely different things; we’re wired differently. You know that saying, “you’re given what you can handle.” I think it’s really about being ‘free’ as a bird, because as rational beings with emotions– fighting between what our head says is right and what our heart wants, we often feel ‘trapped’, but indeed, we are trapped in a perfect world only ruined by the wrong choices we chose to take. 🙂 It is right that we often rebel against routine; but only because we’re meant for so much more– meant for transcendence and self-actualization. But if you notice, nothing’s ever really routine. Each day is lived differently; it is only a matter of perspective. “You can’t walk on the same river twice,” after all. But neither have it easier or harder. Just differently, imo.

    1. j says:

      Jonathan Frenzen, when he was interviewed by Times magazine talked about his book and on freedom. He talked about the irony that humans although desiring freedom, if given and having it in access mess up somehow. Which led him to talk about birds and how free they are but he actually said birds are not free…they do bird stuff (i mean what birds do). I think was musing here about us being human beings are wired to think and it is that part sometimes that causes a discontent. Not that it’s bad or anything but sometimes it just drives one mad. Birds just do bird stuff…humans wanna do so many things. haha. The post was without the last three lines which i edited later. I guess i have a cynical disposition to life but I come back to hope just to even things out. And yes, it is a matter of perspective that we make it through. And I do have a post coming up on perspective as well but unfortunately somethings wrong, and i cant post stuff up. Well as soon as that happens. Thanks for the comment livingasalex.

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